Our Code of Conduct


Who are we?


The Good Faith Partnership works with senior leaders from politics, faith, charity and business to achieve common goals. We receive grant-funding for some areas of our work and will engage clients in others. The Good Faith Partnership is a social consultancy, incorporated as a Limited Liability Partnership since July 2016 and led by Dr Russell Rook and David Barclay.


We convene senior leaders from different sectors to catalyse innovative solutions to society’s most difficult problems. We work with government and charities, philanthropists and foundations, companies and communities. We help leaders and organisations to harness the energy and expertise of their wider communities. We unite many passions, skills and specialisms around a common vision: the power of collaboration between people of good faith to bring about meaningful change.


Our Code of Conduct


In all areas of our work, we will strive to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics.


Our work is governed by the following principles:


Discernment. We will ensure that all projects and client work that we take on are consistent with the mission of the Good Faith Partnership and advance the common good.


Excellence. We will work in a manner which is timely, cost-effective, appropriate and thoughtful, according to the actual or implied contract; applying due professional judgement and experience; taking necessary steps to resolve problems; and ensuring that clients and other interested parties are informed, advised and consulted as necessary.


Professionalism. We will never do anything to bring the reputation of clients, funders or other partner organisations into disrepute.


Honesty. We will build relationships with clients, funders, political leaders and other stakeholders marked by respect, integrity and accuracy. We will be accurate and realistic as to the work that can be delivered when engaging clients and funders throughout the process. We will never: mislead those to whom we are making representations as to our relationship with a client or project; never provide them with inaccurate information; offer or give, or cause a client to offer or give, any financial or other incentive to any member or representative of an institution of government, whether elected, appointed or co-opted, that could be construed in any way as a bribe or solicitation of favour.


Confidentiality. We will ensure that our processes are GDPR-compliant and treat all information we receive in the course of our work with the utmost confidentiality.


DevelopmentWe will strive to create an environment where partners, employees and associates feel valued and are supported to develop themselves professionally.